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Hello, How are you?
Welcome to my page.
I'm Melly.
I'm eighteen years old.
✿ ♡ ❀ ✉ ✌ ☠
And I'd really love to hear about your day.
So message me. c:
Have a Great day.





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Imagine messing around with people with this thing.All those times you thought someone was calling your name.?

DudeNot cool
Anonymous: I love how you post so many clannad and clannad as gifs...I love the show and always love reblogging. <3 


I hadn’t posted any in a few months but I do have pages and pages of gifs and reblogs from the last few years. lol. Thank you for the message! I love Clannad too!!! I am about to go through a crazy Clannad gif period over the next few days, so be prepared. It had just been too long without it and then I went overboard.

Anonymous: Post a pic of you 


I’m the one on the left 

This is hot.


this is my fucking favorite thing ever i love it so so so so much i cnt even explain its just s o goo d


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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I really miss him.

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"If ever my life can be of any use to you, come and claim it."Anton Chekhov (via dispera)

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